Kim ten Tusscher

author of epic fantasy books

Welcome to my website!

My name is Kim ten Tusscher. I’m an established fantasy writer from The Netherlands.

The characters in my books are not acting as a hero, neither as a villain. They all play their part in the obscure between good and evil. The female characters that play an important role in the epic sagas are strong willed and show a great psychological and emotional depth.

I have published eleven books to date of which four of them have been translated into English. My curiosity lead me to explore new parts of the ever-growing world in which my stories are situated.

Please have a look around to get to know me and read the samples I’ve posted for you. If you want to stay updated, follow me on facebook, instagram and youtube.


Years ago, I got a flyer describing the Lilith trilogy, and I was immediately interested. Four days later, I’d finished the complete story because I couldn’t put the books down. Since then I buy every book on the day of release so I can return to this magnificent world.

Judith Timmermans

Inferno at her breath. War under her wings. With two men whispering mayhem in her ear, which way will she turn the bloody tide?

Lilith has only ever lived with anger and destruction. The sole dragon shifter known to humankind, she despises her life as an instrument of terror at the hands of a prophetic sorcerer. Finally fleeing years of abuse, she’s distraught when she’s captured for stealing food and forced to answer to a bitter king for her crimes.

Her former abductor Kasimirh believes fervently in his righteous calling. And though he’s lost his dragon, the sorcerer’s relentless quest to convert the heathens must go on unopposed. And if the king does not yield to his army, he’s prepared to sacrifice all the royal subjects like lambs to the slaughter.

Desperate to finally break her bond to the determined prophet, Lilith vows to stand against her merciless master and stop his savage quest with equally relentless brutality.

Can she extinguish his tyrannical reign before the realm falls to his bloodshed?

This bundle of ebooks contains Bound in Darkness, Broken in Twilight and Born in Light. If you like rich characters, stunning surprises, and moral ambiguities, then you’ll love Kim ten Tusscher’s soaring tale.

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