Broken in Twilight


It places everything into perspective. Compared to the vastness of the universe, our trials and tribulations mean nothing. A star that has died, still shines on. Us humans will never be able to do that. All we can do is leave a mark on this planet. The universe will remain long after our death. Nothing that we can do will change that.

She doesn’t know who to trust. He’s sure his path ends in salvation. Between war on the horizon and the wrath of God, the only certainty is carnage.

The pain of betrayal has lured Lilith back to the start. Still reeling from the devastating fallout of her escape attempt, the young dragon shifter yields once more to her former master. But her forced return to the religious zealot is interrupted by a daring rescue, and her new home in a polar village gives her a taste of much-needed freedom.

Kasimirh believes fervently in his righteous calling. And though he’s lost his dragon once more, the sorcerer’s relentless quest to convert the heathens must go on unopposed. And if the king does not yield to his army, he’s prepared to sacrifice all the royal subjects like lambs to the slaughter.

Desperate to finally break her bond to the determined prophet, Lilith’s hopes rise when she hears of another dragon and pursues a meeting in the dangerous wilds. And when a mysterious foe sees through Kasimirh’s trickery and locks him away, he fears failing to appease his God will only ensure their world’s destruction.

With the keys to peace buried deeper with every battle, can there be victory without blood?

Broken in Twilight is the explosive second book in the Lilith epic fantasy series. If you like principled enemies, frenzied conflict, and slippery ethical quandaries, then you’ll love Kim ten Tusscher’s evocative fable.

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Kim is a master in creating settings that you can see, feel, and smell. I got completely sucked into this world. The inhabitants are real and believable. I would love to call some of the characters friends!