City of Illusions

My heart tells me that we’re in the wrong, that maybe we’re the evil ones. We don’t know what happened to that woman, or what the intentions of those men in the cave were. We didn’t give them a chance to explain. Maybe we made the wrong decision... and are guilty of murder.

It’s hard to enter the city. It’s impossible to leave.

Lumea hates the rules she has to follow as a young woman. Instead of cooking and cleaning, she wants to learn how to fight with a sword. A vision showed her that she will unite people, but how can she do that when her mother keeps her inside the house?

The letter is her way out. It’s an invitation to come to Hydrhaga and start a new life. Lumea doesn’t hesitate. She jumps into an airship and leaves everything behind that holds her back.

When things seem too good to be true, they probably are.

In Hydrhaga, everybody is so cheerful. But Lumea’s new friends have their suspicions about what’s going on in the shadows of the city. Lumea gets dragged into an almost forgotten battle between humans and elves.

While the city is giving away the horrible secrets behind its illusions, Lumea discovers that the controlled sword fighting lessons she enjoyed are nothing like a real fight on life and death.

Can she do justice to the destiny that was revealed to her years ago?

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WHAT READERS SAY: Aurora Smit de Groot

I’m a fan since reading City of Illusions, addicted since the Lilith trilogy, and I can’t go without these stories since Tales of the Downfall. Kim takes you to a world you can only dream off. Sometimes she makes you shiver in horror, but you’ll long to return to it as soon you’ve finished a book.

I’ve been writing since I was a child. I can remember a story I wrote when I was little. It was about a girl who traveled to a different world via a pouch she received from a witch. As a teenager, I wrote a short story inspired by It, written by Stephen King. My love for fantastical stories was always present.

But writing disappeared from my life. It was only when I dreamed about Lumea, in 2006, that I got back to writing stories. Excited to learn how this woman I dreamed of would fare, I started putting her story on paper.

Initially, I wrote City of Illusions just for my own pleasure. But once it was finished, I thought: ‘Why not try to find a publisher?’ Putting it in a drawer away from readers felt like a waste.

I found a publisher, and after many rewrites and a thorough editing process, the story that is in your hands today is very different from what I wrote in 2006. But it is still a story in which you can get to know me very well. Lumea is a woman who wants to make the world a bit better, but mostly someone who wants to do it her way.