Born in Light


Az-Zhara flexed the muscles in his claw. His nails drew tracks in the ice. Then he lashed out. Lilith fell, and everything went black. When the darkness had faded, she felt his claw on her chest. The sharp point of his nail was piercing her throat just below her jaw.

The fate of the world rests above her wings. Can she defeat the man who’s controlled her since birth, before she’s blown into oblivion?

Lilith has spent her whole life without allies. Having been a tool for religious carnage for as long as she can remember, her much-anticipated union with a mythical dragon provides more staggering revelations than soul-confirming answers. And now as penance for the supposedly righteous destruction she’s wrought, she must put an end to the suffering and settle her debt in blood…

As her former captor razes the land in the name of his violent ideology, Lilith is horrified when he takes over her body to wreak further havoc. And though the ordeal mangles her physical form, she vows to stand against her merciless master and stop his savage quest with equally relentless brutality.

Can she extinguish his tyrannical reign before the realm falls to his bloodshed?

Born in Light is the blistering third book in the Lilith epic fantasy series. If you like engaging characters, scorching surprises, and high-flying conclusions, then you’ll love Kim ten Tusscher’s stunning tale.

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I love all of the fantasy elements of this novel. Lilith is a great character, and this novel is a perfect read for anyone looking for a heroine based fantasy. Plenty of action to keep you turning the page. Will be getting the next book as soon as I finish my huge stack of TBR!