My books are known for their convincing characters and a world that is not black and white. To me, that is a logical combination: a character that’s supposed to feel lifelike will be somewhere in the grey area between good and evil. And when you fill a world with those characters, the story is automatically no longer black and white. One thing derives from the other.

I often ask myself the question: does an ultimate good or evil exist? Or is it all a matter of perspective? I think the latter. Where and in what circumstances you were born determine what ideas you have and on which side of a conflict you grow up. From birth, your definition of good and evil is already formed, without you even realizing it.

And I find that interesting to use. It brings nuance to my stories. Whichever side someone is on, he wants to make the world more beautiful. Yes, even Kasimirh or Kaban or Jakob.

I’m so extremely proud that readers tell me this is the strength of my stories.

Sneakpeak Blood

At this moment, we’re working hard to get Tales of the Downfall translated. I aim to publish this first installment around August 2021 and all the other parts every six months.

As soon as the first scenes are translated and edited, I’ll post a preview here.

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If I try to imagine how Kim creates her stories I can only imagine how precious her characters must be to her after writing nine books about them. Her books have a nice pace, are exciting, and the references to the problems in the real world are often very confronting.