Tales of the Downfall

A sudden gust of wind scattered the smoke and powder fumes. A rumbling sound filled the air as if a thunderstorm was approaching. A shadow appeared above him, and the horses whinnied in a panic. Yorben clicked his tongue while patting the neck of his mount to calm him down. Kiril cursed. "Lilith is back."

Kiril - Blood

I always said I would never write this series. What made me change my mind?

As soon as I finished the Lilith trilogy, readers asked me if I would write more stories about her. I always answered: “This is your story now. You decide how Lilith’s life will be from now on.”
At that time, I already started writing Hunter and Prey, so I didn’t even have time to continue about Lilith. But when I finished that story and fans kept asking, I started getting these ideas for a new series about my dragon shape shifter. And to be honest, I was also getting curious about how Lilith would fare.

The biggest challenge of writing the Tales of the Downfall was making sure my story wouldn’t conflict with the stories the readers had made up about Jakob and Lilith in the meantime. That’s why Blood is set ten years after Born in Light. I also needed to introduce a new character who would threaten the peace in Merzia, so Lilith would have to go to battle again. Preferably someone who had nothing to do with Jakob.
This character became Rayender.

Lilith’s life would have been so much easier if he hadn’t shown up.

At this moment, we’re working hard to get Tales of the Downfall translated. I aim to publish this first installment around August 2021 and all the other parts every six months.

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WHAT READERS SAY: Marjo Heijkoop

I’ve read all of Kim’s books so far. With this new series, Tales of the Downfall, you learn more and more about this fantasy world. It expands, and that’s wonderful to see. At the same time, more questions pop up. These questions make me want to read more. I want to know how the characters are doing. Why do they act the way they do? Which decisions will they make in the future? Which consequences will these decisions have? Kim’s stories are exciting, and the twists and turns are always unforeseen.