“Broken in Twilight” is the sequel of the successful novel “Bound in Darkness”. Lilith, a dragon shape shifter, has to choose sides in a terrible war. The consequences of her choice and the fortunes of Lilith and the people surrounding her, continue in this disturbing novel. "Broken in Twilight" was published in Dutch in 2010. THERE IS ALWAYS A CHOICE THE CHOICE BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH Lilith resigns to her fate. She is prepared to do everything the warlike prophet Kasimirh demands, even if that means she has to kill her Merzian friends in the name of the God Jakob. The only alternative - fighting on behalf of Merzia - seems even worse. When happiness finally enters her World, Lilith learns that there is a third posibility. Unfortunately her past hunts her down; Seraph shows up to take her back to Kasimirh. Desperate she tries to fight him and her uncontrollable rage. HOME ABOUT KIM CONTACT AND ORDER LINKS REVIEWS LILITH-TRAILER HUNTER'S PREY Reviews: "The tension and threat leaks from every page." Review Fantasyboeken.org