Kim ten Tusscher was born in the Netherlands on November 7th 1979. She has always
lived in a small village, except when she studied photography in Breda for four years. During
her study, Kim got interested by documentary photography. She looked for similarities
between people and tried to invalidate prejudice. The camera gave her access to 'other'
worlds, but, in her case, also created a distance to her subject she would rather not have.

In her final year, Kim travelled to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. She
came back with much more than pictures. The culture of these people proved to be a
lasting source of inspiration. Her experiences with these people end up in her stories in many
different ways.

After her study, Kim started working in a department store. First as a shop-assistant, but
soon she became a visual merchandiser. The Lord of the Rings-film trilogy inspired her to
design and make costumes. In 2008 she worked as member of the wardrobe-department
and as prop designer and prop maker on the LOTR-fanfilm Born of Hope. In 2014 she made
costumes for the fantasy webseries Ren.
Most stories Kim made up, were never actually written down. She never had ambitions to become a writer,
although she might have become a journalist if she hadn't made it into art academy. When she did, writing
disappeared out of her life. Until she started writing "Hydrhaga" in 2006 (published in Dutch in 2008 and
in English in 2013). Since then, most of her spare time is filled with writing. After her first novel, Kim wrote
"Bound in Darkness" (published in Dutch in 2010 and in English in 2013) and "Broken in Twilight"
(published in Dutch in 2010). With "Born in Light" (2012) she ended the Lilith-trilogy. The story "Jager"
("Hunter" 2014) and "Prooi" ("Prey" 2015) followed.

Writing fantasy gives Kim the freedom she seeks for her stories. She is not bound to the reality or the rules of
this world. Everything is allowed and possible. Still, the believability of the events and the characters are very
important in her stories. As a writer, Kim has overcome the distance she felt towards her subject when she was
a photographer.