Welcome to my website!

My name is Kim ten Tusscher. I'm an established
fantasy writer from The Netherlands.

The characters in my books are not acting as a
hero, neither as a villain. They all play their part
in the obscure between good and evil.
The female characters that play an important
role in the epic sagas are strong willed and show
a great psychological and emotional depth.

I have published ten books to date of which
four of them have been translated into English.
My curiosity lead me to explore new parts of
the ever-growing world in which my stories
are situated.

Please have a look around to get to know me
and read the samples I've posted for you.
If you want to stay updated, follow me on
facebook and twitter.
HOME BOOKS PRESS ABOUT KIM FILMS CONTACT Lilith's behavior follows a pattern seen in many
victims of domestic abuse. On the one hand she fears
Kasimirh and wants to be free of him, on the other
he gives her the attention nobody else seems...
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